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2,934 results

Samsung has technology for all your needs including appliances, mobile devices, TV and home theatre, and computing needs.

Samsung Appliances

Samsung home appliances and kitchen appliances are must-haves for home owners who want the perfect blend of performance, style and function. With beautiful designs, cutting-edge technology, and innovative user-friendly features, Samsung washing machines, dishwasher, ranges, refrigerators etc. work to improve your home each and every time you turn them on.

Samsung is also future focused with their connected appliances and other smart home technologies. For example, your Samsung refrigerator can display the image from your smart cameras so without leaving that boiling pot on the stove you can see who just rang the doorbell. Now that’s convenience where you need it!

Samsung Mobile

Samsung continuously innovates, raising the bar of what is possible from mobile technology from flagship Samsung phones with the most powerful processors and cutting-edge security to thin, light, and versatile tablets perfect for work and play, Samsung tech goes wherever you do.

Wearable Samsung Galaxy watches (and Gear watches) and Galaxy Buds headphones keep you on track with fitness goals, arriving at meetings on time, and listening to the music and podcasts you love throughout the day.

Samsung Home Theatre

Your home is where you need the best in audio-visual entertainment like only Samsung can deliver. Be amazed at the stunning QLED screens of the new Samsung televisions; with features like upscaling and ambient mode these televisions are designed for the modern living room.

Enhance that visual experience with audio from one of the new Samsung soundbars with their room filling Acoustic Beam technology.

Samsung Computer technologies

We’ve already mentioned Samsung’s great line of tablets, but they also produce great laptops and Chromebooks so you can be productive. Samsung is also an industry leader in computer displays; Samsung monitors deliver the fast refresh rates you need for gaming and the immersive sizes in flat and curved displays that deliver immersive experiences for work and play.

Samsung is also setting a new standard in high capacity memory cards and drives. The newest Samsung portable SSD drives hold more storage than most desktop computers (up to 2TB), in a device no bigger than the palm of your hand!

In your home, and away from home, Samsung has the right technology for everyone.