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Spigen Accessories: Phone Cases and Beyond

If you’re looking for tech accessories, Spigen products are a great place to start. Established in 2007, the brand makes everything from mobile cases to Bluetooth headphones. Each product is built to last, with a clean aesthetic that’s sure to appeal to your inner tech nerd.

Look to Spigen for frequent-use items like phone cases, screen protectors, and Apple watch cases. Then, to flesh out the rest of your office repertoire, streamline your workflow with accessories like Bluetooth headphones and USB-C adapters.

Spigen Phone Cases and More

Spigen’s brand is built around complimenting your other pieces of technology. For many users, that puts a priority on phone cases—after all, your smartphone is the one item that you carry with you everywhere. It’s the most likely thing that you’re going to drop, or crack, or break (after your favourite coffee mug, of course).

The brand’s signature case styles include models like the Spigen Tough Armor phone case and Ultra Hybrid hard shell clear case. All of Spigen’s phone cases are designed for high impact protection, but the Tough Armor line is their sturdiest. It’s a great choice for anyone who works out in the field, goes adventuring on the weekends, or has a cat with a big personality and a complete and total lack of regard for their personal belongings.

One of the great things about Spigen is that they’re more focused on making excellent products than on making trendy products. For a consumer, this means that you can stick with your favourite phone case, even if you transfer from a Spigen iPhone case to a Spigen Pixel case. There are plenty of stylish patterns and colours to choose from in each design, but once you find something you love, you can keep using it with different models of phones.

Spigen Selfie Sticks and More

Though Spigen is primarily known for its smartphone cases, they make an entire range of other accessories. We’re talking selfie sticks, headphones, smart home products, and more. The next time you think Spigen, think “more:” look to their wireless doorbells to keep your family secure at night, or their range of Bluetooth headphones to put the finishing touches on your all-night study session.

For home offices and stressed-out students, starting with Spigen is a great way to get everything you need from one brand. Their cable adapters and screen protectors are products that you can buy once and never have to think about again (perfect for anyone with too much on their plate already!), and their laptop backpacks are a simple way to take everything on the go.

After all—why worry about mixing and matching when a brand like Spigen already makes all of the cases and accessories that you’ll need?