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Western Digital is a world leader in storage technology, with products ranging from portable drives, to performance hard drives and SSDs

WD My Passport portable external drives and myBook external USB drives

Western Digital has always been at the forefront of portable storage, with drives that make it easy to back up your data, keep it safe, and move it to another PC if needed. Backup is more important than ever in an era where malware including ransomware is rampant.

WD My Passport drives are renowned for their speed, reliability, portability and attractive design. Western Digital’s My Passport drives are always at the cutting edge of new technology, incorporating features like USB 3.0, USB 3.1, USB-C and solid state storage. With compact, sculpted cases and bright colour options, WD external drives like the My Passport Ultra offer functionality with considerable style.

Big data backups and content libraries are a challenge for PC owners, but high capacity WD My Book drives provide all the high speed, external desktop storage you’ll ever need.

If you want to access your data over Wi-Fi or remotely, the Western Digital My Cloud NAS external drives are the most reliable and secure way to do it. Features include 256 AES volume encryption, WD SmartWare Pro backup software, and the My Cloud mobile app.

Western Digital internal drives including WD Blue PC desktop hard drive

One of the easiest ways to take your PC from good to fantastic is to install a WD hard drive. Western Digital engineers continue to wring more performance out of traditional HDDs, including the 2013 release of the WD Ultrastar He6—the world’s first helium filled hard drive (with 1/7 the density of air for less drag and reduced noise).

Products like the WD VelociRaptor, WD Red, and WD Black performance desktop hard drive offer incredible speed gains. There are also more affordable options that still provide a speed boost along with Western Digital reliability, including the WD Blue hard drive and WD Caviar Green.

Western Digital SSDs including WD Black

The biggest advance in computer storage in decades took place when solid state storage—SSD— was introduced. Western Digital has been there since the beginning, innovating and helping to drive down the cost of solid state storage to the point where SSDs are now standard on many laptops.

WD Green SSDs are the affordable way to give your laptop or desktop PC a solid state boost, while the popular WD Black SSD combines high capacity with the highest speeds possible. You can even get external solid state storage, with a WD My Passport external SSD.

As you would expect, Western Digital is on the forefront of the latest solid state storage formats including M.2 PCIe drives.

SanDisk memory, SSDs and flash drives

People trust SanDisk memory cards for their digital cameras and camcorders, SanDisk thumb drives are favourites of students and enterprise, and SanDisk SSDs are a top choice for PC and laptop upgrades. Believe it or not, SanDisk has been making SSDs since 1991. You may not realize it, but SanDisk is a division of Western Digital ...

The best way to make your computer better is an upgrade to Western Digital storage.