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What Is a Gazebo?

While there are many different forms and styles of gazebo, they all share a common basic design: a gazebo is a roofed structure in a yard. It can serve multiple purposes, from decorative to functional. An outdoor gazebo provides shelter from rain (and even insects if properly equipped), shade from the sun, and it offers additional privacy. While many gazebos have an ornamental value that complements a garden, pool, patio or deck, they are also practical structures.

Types of Gazebos

There are many different varieties of gazebo, but when it comes to a backyard gazebo, the most popular is probably the pavilion style.

These may be a hard top gazebo, or they may use weather and UV-resistant material for the roof. Four supporting pillars hold the roof up. This design provides the shelter from the elements that people look for, without being bulky. Wide spaces between the corner pillars offers easy entry and exit, and access to easily move in bulky objects like patio furniture and BBQs. Some offer tent sides for additional privacy and mesh panels to keep insects out, making them perfect for hosting outdoor parties. Gazebos can vary in size depending on how many guests you need to accommodate, and how much space is available in your yard.

Gazebos are usually freestanding and permanent structures, but there are also pop up gazebo options that can be packed in a bag and quickly assembled when (and where) needed.

Common Construction Materials

At one point, wood was the most common construction material. You can still buy a wooden gazebo, but many modern designs feature light and durable aluminum or metal frames. These are easier and less expensive to ship, and the lighter weight makes them easier to set up.

The gazebo canopy is usually made of either thin metal, or a weather and UV-treated fabric material, with traditional models also offering wood as an option.

Things to Consider When Buying a Gazebo

With so many options to choose from, it’s important to consider key factors before purchasing a backyard gazebo or garden gazebo. The size of the structure versus the amount of space in your yard is the most obvious one. You’ll also want to consider size in the context of how many people and what furnishings you expect to fit inside the gazebo.

If you are looking for a BBQ gazebo, choose one with plenty of airflow, including a roof vent to prevent the buildup of smoke and gases. When choosing a patio gazebo, you need to keep size in mind, but you’ll also likely want to try matching the style and colours used.

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