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Above Ground Pools: Dive into Summer Fun

When it comes to beating summer heat, nothing can top swimming pools for instant relief. They’re a family favourite, turning your backyard into an entertainment oasis. Backyard pools aren’t just a convenient way to cool off -- throw in some pool toys and they’re a great way to get kids moving. Best Buy offers a huge selection of above ground pools, along with all the accessories, pools supplies and pool toys you need to make your backyard the place where everyone wants to spend their summer. 

Above Ground Pools For Convenience & Affordability

Two of the biggest downsides to in-ground backyard swimming pools are construction cost and the space required. Above ground pools offer the solution to both of these challenges. They’re affordable, they don’t require a massive excavation, they will fit into virtually any backyard and anyone can easily install one—no bulldozer required. 

They also use less water than typical in-ground pools, which also means less water to heat and keep clean. That makes above ground pools a lot more affordable to operate, so you can enjoy the summer without worrying about those utility bills. 

Above ground pools are available in various sizes, shapes and depths. Whether you want a compact, inflatable splash pad for toddlers, or a 54-inch deep rectangular pool big enough for 15 people, there’s an above ground pool for you. 

Pool Supplies

If you own a swimming pool—whether it’s in-ground, one of the popular above ground pools, or a spa—don’t forget pool supplies. Best Buy carries everything you need to maintain and improve your pool, including pool cleaners, leaf vacuums, replacement ladders for pools, and even comfortable head rests for improved lounging. 

Pool Toys & Accessories

Swimming pools are great, but what takes them to the next level are pool toys and accessories.

Inflatable pool floats and loungers are great for relaxing and lazily drifting around on the water on a sunny day. Or, choose one that kids can ride on, adding to their fun. An inflatable dragon, unicorn or swan would add colour and lots of playtime possibilities. You can even launch a floating island! To keep kids busy and to help them develop their swimming skills, choose pool toys like diving sticks or pool noodles. For the adventurous, take things to the next level with paddle boards and inflatable boats, the kind of pool toys that you can also take to the beach or bring with you to a cottage.