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  • Action Figures: Saving the Day Since 1964

    Action figures have been a staple of toy chests, sandboxes, bookshelves, and collector display cases for decades. They hold an enduring and ageless appeal that sparks the fires of imagination in toddlers and tykes just as strongly as they stir nostalgia in teens and adults. Whether you're looking for action figure toys for your kids or collectible action figures for your own collection, you'll find all sorts of characters here from your favourite movies, comics, video games, and more.

    Types of Action Figures

    The first action figures appeared in 1964. Rugged, durable, and equipped with articulating joints, these pioneering toys were built to survive the rough and tumble world of childhood. In that sense, not much has changed over the decades. Today's action figures are as durable and resilient as ever, and ready to survive the inventible drops, crashes, crunches, splatters, knapsack rides, and underwater adventures their masters have in store for them.

    The big difference between the early 60's and today? Variety and detail. Today's action figures come in all shapes, all sizes, and tailored to all ages and all genders. If you have a favourite comic book series, TV show, movie franchise, or even sports team, chances are you can find an assortment of official action figures that look like they've been pulled straight off the page or screen.

    Why Kids Love Action Figures   

    If you were a child at any point over the past several decades you already know the eternal and undeniable truth about action figures: they're pretty much made of pure magic. Don't believe us? Hand a couple of action figure toys to any youngster and see what happens. Just the tiniest drop of imagination will bring a child's entire action figure collection to life, with each individual character thrust confidently into an intricate and ever-widening saga full of epic last-second rescues and hero-versus-villain showdowns.

    In a day and age of endless screen time and digital distraction, a toy box full of action figures is a great way to boost your child's imagination and creativity.

    Why Collectors Love Action Figures

    For many, action figures continue to be a source of intrigue and inspiration long after childhood. Some people collect action figures purely for fun and games. Others hunt for unopened collectible action figures to add to their action figure collection, either as an investment or as a badge of honour. No matter what the reason is, any collector's quest to find the best action figures is usually driven by a sense of nostalgia and respect for the intricate design of so many figures.