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534 results

The Revolutionary iPad

The Apple iPad is sleek, simple to use, and highly intuitive, making it easy to work, play, browse, watch, and so much more at the touch of a button or a flick on the touchscreen. The entire crop of Apple tablets - the iPad, iPad Pro, and iPad mini 4 all offer sharp and vibrant fingerprint-resistant displays, awesome performance power, and access to hundreds of thousands of unique apps that expand and customize what your iPad can do for you. Combine the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil for the unbelievably precise writing, and drawing so you can use the iPad with flexibility and convenience.

The Operating System

 • Consistency: Apple iPads run the same iOS as the iPhone, so you know you’re getting a simple, consistent, and easy-as-pie to use interface. In addition, iOS now is a perfect companion to macOS on your computer for a seamless experience when switching from an iPhone, to an iPad, to a MacBook and to an Apple TV

 • Processors: The fastest processors on the market make for smooth multi-tasking and running of data-intensive apps, whether you’re playing an online RPG with your roommate or Skyping with a co-worker while you run a report.

 • Connectivity: Built with the fastest integrated wireless, MIMO, and Bluetooth capabilities, you can stay connected to wireless networks, compatible devices and more. Link to airport Wi-Fi hotspots on business trips or transfer your vacation photos to your smartphone with ease. Some iPads also have internal cellular LTE connectivity so you can access data wherever there is a cellular network available.

 • Security: The latest iPad models come with fingerprint identity sensors that let you log in to accounts, shop, and more without ever re-entering your password, while your information stays safe from hacks.

Apple Exclusives

Every iPad is a little bit different, but each one comes of great features. Dual cameras, FaceTime, AirPlay, WiFi and Bluetooth, an operating system that’s designed with every level of user in mind, and a battery life that will likely outlast your work day; it’s no wonder they’re so popular in every walk of life. With different storage capacities available, you can be sure your iPad remains your primary device, no matter the task at hand in your world. Safely edit and save studio photos in RAW formats when you choose a 128GB model, or stick to a 16GB capacity if you mostly work online.

Benefits of Owning an iPad

 • Portability: The Apple iPad streamlines your digital life, giving you an easy, comfortable way to stay connected wherever you are. Portable and convenient, the iPad weighs in and around one pound to enable extended use and be a painless travel companion.

 • Battery life: Designed for an on-the-go lifestyle, the iPad comes equipped with a long life battery that lets you work and play freely without continually searching for an outlet. Get up to 10 hours of web surfing, video watching, or music playing in between charges.

 • Ease of use: Apple engineers ensure that every installment of the iPad is intuitive and simple to use, so you can swipe, pinch, and tap your way through any number of tasks like a pro, right out of the box. Take HDR or panorama photos, read eBooks, download game apps and more – the iPad is as user-friendly as it is sleek in design.

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