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Apple Watch requires iPhone 6s or later.

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Wear Style and Convenience with the Apple Smart Watch

The Definitive Smart Watch

While the Apple Watch may not have been the first smart watch to market, it certainly has become the pinnacle of smart watch technology. With the ability to sync to your existing iPhone and perform more useful tasks than any other watch in history, the Apple Watch is unparalleled in both convenience and functionality. Owning an Apple Watch means joining the world of the truly connected and never looking back. No matter which version of the iWatch you choose, you’ll always have access to virtually every piece of information you could ever need. Apple Watches are stylish, trendy, and they make ideal virtual assistants as they’re always right there with you waiting to assist.

More than Just a Timepiece

Over the last few years, several generations of the Apple Watch have successively emerged, with each new incarnation building on the last and adding new and useful features. While each new edition of the watch is somewhat different from previous versions, there are a number of standard features that you can expect to enjoy with virtually any Apple Watch model. These include the ability to engage in phone calls, use of Apple Pay, fitness tracking technology (including heart rate monitoring), iPhone notifications on your wrist, access to streaming music, Siri, and the ability to check your e-mail and send Facebook messages.

The Apple Watch may also offer (sometimes, but not always, depending on the model chosen) GPS tracking (including directions to wherever you’re going), water resistance, location sharing, smart home control, password storage, loyalty card storage, important weather alerts, translation services, sleep tracking, online food ordering, news, flashlight functionality, emojis, and it even functions (imagine this) as a watch. That’s right, the Apple Watch can even tell you the time!

Recent developments in the Apple Watch include the largest display screen ever and an improved digital crown (with haptic feedback). The latest Apple Watch models have a display that never goes off, meaning users will no longer have to turn their wrists upward to activate the display. Advancements like these keep the Apple Watch moving ever forward into new realms of possibility.

Get Your Apple Watch Today

Getting your Apple Watch is easy. Best Buy has a great selection of iWatch models across multiple generations and in various styles and colours for you to choose from, allowing you to get the ideal Apple Watch to meet your needs. In addition to the watch itself, a variety of fun and useful accessories is also available. You can get Apple Watch chargers, straps, screen protectors, and cases, with options available to suit every taste and style. This allows you to customize your Apple Watch and make it as individual and unique as you are.