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Car seat accessories

Driving with newborns and toddlers can pose a number of challenges for parents. When you've got your hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road you can't give your little one as much attention as you'd like. Car seat accessories can give you peace of mind while keeping your child comfortable on the journey. If you're curious about what kind of car seat accessories would be good for you, then check out these answers to some commonly asked questions.

What car seat accessories should you consider for driver's peace of mind?

Cars are full of mirrors to aid safer driving. But when you have a small baby in the back, you'll find yourself wishing you could keep a closer eye on them too. Specially designed mirrors can help you with this. Attached to the car visor or headrest, these mirrors will allow you to keep an eye on your baby from the driver's seat. In hotter weather, you may want to consider a sunshade, which sticks to the window and protects your little one against harmful UV rays. A car seat cover or veil will perform a similar function for newborns.

What car seat accessories should you consider for baby's comfort?

Head huggers, neck pillows, and head supports deliver comfortable head and neck support for newborns and infants so they can nap peacefully while you drive. When they're awake, stimulate them with bright-coloured car seat toys, reflective mirrors, and fun sounds to keep them happy and engaged.

What car seat accessories should you consider to protect your car?

Babies are notoriously messy. Whether it's a newborn spitting up or a toddler throwing a tantrum, babies can inflict some considerable wear and tear on your car's upholstery. A car seat protector guards against unfortunate spills and accidents. Similarly, a back seat protector attaches to the back of the driver and passenger side seats to protect against over-excited kicking, throwing, and other baby-related messes.