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Keep baby safe with a baby car seat and accessories

What are the different types of baby car seats?

Stage 1 infant car seats, designed for newborns, are safely positioned rear-facing and secured with an included base. Easily remove the seat from the base to walk with it or connect to a compatible stroller. Stage 2 convertible car seats for newborns and toddlers easily switch from rear-facing to forward-facing position using a harness, and thus can be used for longer.

Offering more versatility is a Stage 2-3 car seat. Designed for toddlers and school-aged children, they can be positioned forward-facing but also be used without the harnesses once the child is big enough to rely only on the car’s seatbelt. Stage 3 booster car seats are for school-aged children who can ride without harnesses at all. Use these when the car’s seatbelt fits snugly on the child’s lap.

Alternatively, opt for an all-in-one multi-stage baby car seat that can be used from birth until the child is old enough to ride without a booster at all.

What should you look for in a baby car seat?

Find a car seat that is appropriate for your baby’s age, but also their size and weight: check figures to ensure you get the most use out of it.

Once you find the seat that fits, make sure it has a secure, 5-point harness, and meets or exceeds car seat regulations and safety tests. Ensure that it will install nicely in your vehicle. With a car seat base, see how easy it is to take the car seat out and click it back on since you’ll be doing this often. Some baby car seats can be secured without a base as well, ideal if you often travel with others or take taxis.

Look for a colour that matches your car’s interior or that you like, along with removable seat pads or fabric that is easy to spot clean, and handy features like a cup/snack holder for when baby is able to feed himself, and a head pillow for added comfort.

Many can recline in multiple positions, good for added comfort and extra tall babies. Some also have adjustable headrests, which can make rides more enjoyable as well.

What accessories will you need with a baby car seat?

Make sure that the baby car seat can work with your stroller base. This is usually accomplished through a car seat stroller adapter, which you can buy separately unless you get a baby stroller with car seat bundle that includes everything. Not all car seats have adapters for all types of strollers, so check compatibility. Some car seats work seamlessly with strollers from the same brand, making the process easy.

Also consider a car seat cover, great for the colder months, to shield baby from the sun, or help them sleep. A car seat bag is handy for air travel, keeping the seat clean and protected. An optional padded headrest and cup or snack caddy can be useful, too. Check out other car seat accessores here.