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Moving and Grooving with Infant and Baby Carriers

Infant and baby carriers let you cuddle and carry your little one against your body with hands-free ease. Take care of simple chores or navigate a crowded store without breaking a sweat. In short: They're every parent's best friend.

Style comes standard

Baby carriers from top brands such as BabyBjörn, Ergobaby, phil&teds, and Mountain Buggy come in a wide variety of colours, styles, and fabrics. Select a carrier to suit your personal tastes and the needs of both you and your baby, while still enjoying the convenience it offers.

Keeping baby safe and snug

Baby carriers can be worn on your front or your back, and with baby facing toward you or away from you. A well-fitted carrier combines the even weight-distribution of a hiking backpack with the comfortable support of a mei tai (Asian-style carrier). This means they're easy on your back and super snug for your little one. The perfect combo. Most baby carriers also feature easily adjustable straps and buckles, so they're easy to share between parents and caregivers.

Features to look for

You may choose to use baby carriers only in the early months, or prefer to tote your little one for longer. While some carriers can support up to 45 pounds, make sure the weight is evenly distributed, preferably with your hips carrying most of the load rather than on your shoulders and back. Look for wide, well-padded straps; sturdy yet soft, breathable fabrics; and a waist belt if your baby is reaching the 15-pound mark. One option is to start with a sling or wrap and switch later to a front carrier, although some carriers are designed to grow with your child, with special inserts for newborns.