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  • FAQ About Baby Sleepers and Bodysuits

    Baby sleepers and bodysuits are versatile one-piece garments that can be worn as a t-shirt, complete outfit, or undergarment. Not only do sleepers and bodysuits keep your baby snug and cozy, they also offer valuable benefits to parents. Don't know what to look for in a baby sleeper or bodysuit? Here are the answers to some of the most common questions you may have.

    What benefits do baby sleepers and bodysuits provide?

    Bodysuits feature convenient snaps at the bottom so you can easily change your little one's diaper. They also include folded envelope sleeves so you can pull the garment down over your child's legs instead of over their head. This means you can get your baby out of a dirty sleeper or bodysuit without causing too much disruption.

    What other types of sleepers and bodysuits can I choose from?

    Swaddles offer warmth and security while allowing your little one to sleep safer. They eliminate the danger of loose blankets and keep your child's arms inside to prevent the startle reflex. When your baby gets older, consider transitioning them to a wearable blanket. Like swaddling types, wearable blankets replace loose blankets and can't be kicked off.

    What should I consider when shopping for a baby bodysuit or sleeper?

    Baby skin can be delicate and sensitive, so you'll need to think about fabric material. If your child is 12 months or younger, opt for sleepers or bodysuits made from 100% organic or combed cotton. Also, keep in mind that size labels are merely a suggestion and don't indicate how well your baby is growing.

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