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57 results

Baby Sleep Sacks for Safe & Comfortable Snoozing

Babies can spend up to 17 hours a day sleeping. So, it’s crucial that their sleeping environment is safe and comfortable. No pillows, no blankets, and no stuffed friends, either. In the bareness of a crib, how can little ones stay warm and cozy? The answer is a sleep sack.

What is a Sleep Sack?

A sleep sack is like a sleeping bag for a baby. This wearable blanket keeps your little one warm in the crib without the need for loose bedding and blankets. It has a sleeveless design and wide closed bottom, so your infant can move their arms and legs without being able to kick the sleep sack off.

What are the Benefits of Baby Sleep Sacks?

When it comes to nap time and bedtime, baby sleeping bags are the way to go. Here are some reasons why.

Safe for Sleeping

Loose bedding in cribs can pose a serious threat to babies, as they increase the risk of suffocation and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Sleep sacks are a safe, comfortable alternative to baby blankets because they fit securely around your baby without the risk of covering their face. They offer enough room for babies to comfortably move their limbs but can’t be kicked off.

Keeps Baby Warm Without Overheating

Sleep sacks are designed to be worn over baby’s usual sleepwear. They’re sleeveless to keep your baby comfortable and covered without overheating. On warmer days, consider a sleep sack made of lightweight, breathable material like cotton. On cooler days, use a sleep sack made with warmer material like micro-fleece or sherpa.


Like a piece of clothing, a baby sleeping bag is easy to fold and pack for quick road trips and extended holidays. Sleeping sacks are like a safe, familiar cocoon for little ones to sleep in – even when they’re not in their own crib.

Makes Diaper Changing Easy

Sleep sacks have a zipper down the middle, making it a cinch to take them on and off your baby. But, the unusual (and smart) thing is, these zippers are upside down – zipping open from bottom to top. This lets you change your wee one’s diaper without removing the sleep sack. It also prevents curious little hands from unzipping the sleep sack open.

What’s the Difference Between a Sleep Sack and Swaddle?

Swaddles and sleep sacks both help your baby sleep soundly. But, they differ in design. A swaddle is a thin sheet that can be wrapped snugly around your baby to recreate the comfort of being in the womb. It keeps baby’s arms and legs tucked in to prevent them from startling themselves awake. A baby sleeping sack, on the other hand, covers baby’s body but allow their arms and legs to move freely. Some baby sleeping bags feature an adjustable swaddle for tucking your little one’s arms inside – great for newborns and younger infants. A swaddle can generally be used from birth until the baby can break free from the swaddle. After that, transition your baby to a sleep sack.

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