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Keep baby safe and comfortable when travelling

Once you’ve had a baby, travelling becomes a lot more challenging. A baby loves familiar sights and sounds, and they may not be able to relax easily when they’re in a new and strange place. With the right kind of baby travel gear, you can make the transition from home to travel a lot easier.

What do you need for baby travel?

Baby travel requires planning. You want to keep your baby’s sleeping environment as safe and comfortable as possible. The best way to do that is to bring along products designed to travel with you and your baby.

Travel beds

A travel bed is a small, cocoon-like structure you can take with you anywhere. When expanded, it becomes a comfortable sleeping pad surrounded by mesh you can zip up to block UV rays and insects. Your baby will love to sleep on the cozy pad, and you’ll love how you can easily fold it down and store it in a suitcase.

Baby play yards

A play yard is an all-in-one piece of baby gear to keep your baby safe while playing, give them a place to sleep, and provide you with a safe place to change diapers. Some baby play yards also have an additional newborn bassinet you can use when your baby is weeks old, and there’s storage for your diapers, extra clothes, and more.

Travel stroller

A lightweight travel stroller is a must-have when travelling. Travel strollers easily fold up and down for transport, are available with canopies for sun protection, and some will recline so your baby can sleep in the stroller while traveling.

Baby travel accessories

When you want to keep your baby cozy while traveling, a baby sleep sack is a great baby travel accessory. It will keep your baby safe and warm while sleeping. You’ll also want to stay prepared by travelling with a diaper backpack, diaper changing pad, extra bibs, and a baby carrier.

Baby travel tips

When travelling with baby, you’ll want to stick to your home schedule as much as possible. For bedtime and naps, bring along a familiar blanket he or she has slept with at home. To make any environment feel just like home, you can play familiar music when he or she is drifting off to sleep.

Another great tip for baby travel is to bring along a baby head support when travelling long distances in the car. With a head support, your child’s head won’t slouch or roll while sleeping in a car seat.

Baby travel is easy when you prepare ahead of time. Keep his or her environment as familiar and comfortable as possible by stocking up on baby travel gear at Best Buy.