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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Bar Stools

With more and more kitchens offering eating spaces that go beyond the conventional dining table setting, bar stools have become a popular way to elevate your casual dining. Bar stools help you utilize your kitchen's island counter or they can provide seating for compact, higher tables. They are also perfect for, you guessed it, home bars. Let's answer some common questions about counter stools and bar stools.

What are the different types of stools?

There are multiple styles of bar stools and counter stools and how you go about choosing one will depend on your kitchen's décor. Metal bar stools and swivel bar stools will align perfectly with kitchens featuring more modern furnishings. More traditional settings, meanwhile, go well with leather bar stools. If you're looking for something more versatile, adjustable bar stools let you increase or reduce height for customizing to your counter. Also, keep in mind which stools come with footrests or backrests for optimal comfort.

What are the important things I should consider when buying a bar stool?

Before choosing a bar stool for your kitchen or dining area, you're going to need some measurements of your counter or table height. The stool seat should be around 10 inches less than the height of the table or counter. For example, if a kitchen island counter stands 36", then you're going to want a counter that's between 24" and 26" from the ground.

How many bar stools do I need?

Sometimes the space of your counter will dictate the number of stools that can comfortably fit. Allow for 21 to 25 inches between the centres of each stool. That should give those sitting next to each other ample elbow room for either dining or tossing back a cold one.