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Go hands-free today with a Bluetooth car kit

Bluetooth car kit features and benefits

By now we’re all familiar with Bluetooth wireless technology—the short range data transmission standard for exchanging information, including music, between fixed and mobile devices. In other words, it’s the super cool way of playing music from mobile devices like smart phones directly through your car’s speakers. Today’s Bluetooth technology allows users to enjoy all their favourite tunes while cruising down the highway or talk hands-free on their phones via the speakerphone option. The typical transmission range for Bluetooth car kits is 30 feet (10 metes), and the battery life will vary by device but should provide up to 10 hours of play time and over 50+ hours of standby.

Advantages of hands-free calling

Hands-free calling has a number of advantages over the old-fashioned method of reaching for one’s phone and fumbling to make a call. The biggest of these is that you need never take your eyes off the road (nor you hands off the steering wheel) when making a hands-free call via a Bluetooth car kit. Not only could this potentially save your life and the lives of others, but it could also save you the cost of a distracted driving ticket from your local law enforcement. Also, depending on your specific device, you may even have the ability to answer or reject incoming calls, access your contacts list, or potentially even dictate and send text or e-mail messages.

How do you pair a Bluetooth car kit?

Bluetooth car kits come with just a few tiny components that are easy to set up and use. There’s the receiver itself, which plugs into your car stereo’s audio input jack (typically via an included 3.5mm adapter). A method for charging your receiver (usually a USB charging cable) is also included in the kit. Once you’ve charged your receiver, enable Bluetooth on your smart device and hold it within close proximity of the receiver, which you will first have to set to “visible” mode as described in the kit’s instruction manual. After that you’ll simply follow a few basic steps and your phone and car Bluetooth kit will be paired and ready for use. It’s a quick process that literally anyone can do.

Buying tips and advice

The best thing you can do before purchasing a Bluetooth car kit is taking your time and doing a bit of research about the different models available. There’s a lot to choose from out there, and you want to make a wise choice. For instance, will you be able to use your kit of choice with your current vehicle’s stereo system, or will an upgrade be necessary? Is the kit you’re considering universal, or are there limitations? How much money do you wish to spend on your kit? And finally, what are other users saying about the model you’re interested in? By taking your time and doing your due diligence first, you’re much more likely to be happy with your choice in the end.