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Make games night a blast with board games for everyone

Sometimes it’s necessary to put away the screens and get back to the basics, especially when you’re bonding with friends and family. There’s nothing quite like an always reliable board game to boost the mood and get the fun flowing. Best Buy has a great selection of new and classic board games that can be enjoyed by groups big or small. Elevate your board game collection and take your pick of family, strategy, cooperative, and party games to make your next game night the best one yet.

Stock up on kid-friendly board games for little ones

Hands-on board games are sure to keep your kids happy, and they’re also great for challenging their problem solving, team building, and social skills. Encouraging your kids to play board games in place of screen time is not only good for their eyes, but also for their minds. Simple board games like Connect4, Trouble, or more interactive games like Twister, are easy and plenty of fun to play with their friends or with any adult who’s a kid at heart.

Board games that are fun for the whole family

Some of the best memories are created during family games nights. Getting the whole family in a room for a night together is always special, and with so many great board games available they can be made even more fun! Board games that are made for the whole family to enjoy include the timeless gems and new releases. You can discover a whole new world of strategy and card games to learn that are sure to become instant favourites. And if you’re a creature of habit, classic board games like Monopoly, The Game of Life, Scrabble and Clue are also always reliable and available. Many of the classic board games also come in new editions, with fun themes and characters that can be enjoyed by young kids, teens, and adults together. Pro tip: the younger you learn, the better you get at it.

Games night board games for adults

What you need for a perfect night in with a group of adult friends: snacks, drinks, music and all the games. Adult board games make hanging out together an event worth putting in the calendar every month. Work out that competitive muscle or build alliances with games like Catan, Codenames and much more. And if you’re in for a night of strategy, interactive quest games like Escape and Saboteur are always sure to keep everyone on their toes.

Fun no matter how many of you there are, anywhere you are

Board games don’t always require a big group to be enjoyed. There are plenty of games made just for two, which can enhance your next date night or bonding time with your bestie. For example, classic strategy games like chess and checkers are made for two, and great for challenging the old thinker.

No matter what type of crowd you’re in or where you are, board games are always a hit and sure to facilitate a fun hang out for kids and adults. Choose from games that are fun for all ages, and all tastes. Fill up the board game trunk so you’re always ready for an impromptu night of fun.