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Boards and Presentation Tools to Showcase Your Message

When you have a great idea, putting pen to paper is only half the battle. The other half is all about presentation: how can you best showcase your message? Presentation boards and other presenting tools help you share your great idea with others, whether that's at a board meeting or a science fair.

What is a Presentation Board?

Presentation boards are a broad category of tools that are designed to help you share and organize ideas. When putting them together, the aim is to create and display a clear workflow that's easy to follow. They provide a visual way to process information, and in many cases, they offer both physical and digital advantages.

The great thing about presentation boards is that they can be both independent and collaborative, based on your needs.

What Types of Presentation Boards are Available?

Depending on your end goal, the presentation tools best suited for the job will vary. Simple, transportable presentation boards like tri fold display boards and poster boards are commonly used for sharing ideas that need to be portable, as they're easy to move from one location to another. They're popular for educational information sharing at any level, as well as for creating concept boards at the start of a project.

However, presentation tools have a lot more to offer than just poster board and trifold boards. This category also includes things like report covers and portfolio covers, which are excellent introductory tools for people and brands. These smaller tools are easy to replicate in large batches, and don't necessarily need to be set up or pinned up in a certain location to be shared. They offer a finishing touch to information packets that are already completed, and can help set a tone before a meeting or class even begins.

There are also many excellent options for standalone presentation boards, like whiteboards and chalkboards. A staple in most offices, these large-scale boards help to share and create as a group, aided by the impermanence of a board that can be wiped clean at a moment's notice. Smart boards offer another level to this concept, with the ability to project onto and digitally interact with your work.

What Other Presentation Tools Are out There?

Beyond display boards and report covers, you'll find organizational items such as planners and calendars included in Best Buy's selection of presentation tools. You'll also find tools that can help enhance your presentation once it's ready to be shared, such as laser pointers and whiteboard markers.

Now, all you need is a great idea to share with the world.