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Get accurate results in the palm of your hand with personal breathalyzers

Thanks to modern technology, it’s easier than ever to make smart decisions when it comes to consuming alcohol. Accurate readings regarding alcohol consumption are available on the go, in devices so portable that they fit on a keychain or plug into a smart phone. Eliminate unnecessary worry and risk with a wide variety of breathalyzers and accessories.

What is a Breathalyzer?

A breathalyzer is a device for estimating a person’s blood alcohol content from a breath test sample. When a user exhales into the mouthpiece of a breathalyzer, ethanol is oxidized to acetic acid, and undergoes a chemical reaction that produces an electrical current. This current is measured and displayed as an approximation of overall blood alcohol content.

There are 2 main types of breathalyzers: “PBT” and evidential breath test machines. PBT (or Preliminary Breath Test) machines are the smaller, portable type of personal breathalyzers that tend to be available to the public. Conversely, evidential breath test machines tend to be less portable, and are more often used by law enforcement in addition to PBT machines.

Are breathalyzer’s accurate?

As technology advances, the degree of variation in breathalyzer readings continues to shrink. For example, breathalyzers that utilize fuel cell sensor-based measurements are more accurate than more common semiconductor sensors. Continuing improvement means that better and better products are becoming available to consumers every year.

It is important to note however that no breathalyzer can guarantee a degree of 100% accuracy. One common issue to be aware of is the influence of outside factors that may affect results. Food cooked with alcohol, mouth wash or breath spray, toothpaste, or any other product that might contain trace amounts of alcoholic substances could potentially create a false result. Keep these in mind when relying on a breathalyzer reading.

Should I get a breathalyzer?

It has never been as easy as it is today to own, carry, and operate a personal breathalyzer device. The technology has become so compact, portable, and affordable that keychain breathalyzers and pocket breathalyzers have become among the most popular models. Having a personal breathalyzer attached to your keychain means you never have to worry about forgetting your breathalyzer at the moment when it matters most.

There have also been significant advances made in smart breathalyzers that work in conjunction with your smart phone. Some devices utilize features like Bluetooth connectivity and companion apps to offer even more useful data and analysis. Such devices can help track consumption, give reminders to do readings over the course of an evening, and even help estimate how long it may take blood alcohol levels to reduce to safer levels.

A personal breathalyzer can even be useful without even leaving the house. They are perfect to have on hand for holiday parties or other large private gatherings. Remember that when hosting guests, you are often considered just as responsible for a person’s safety and well-being as they are. Having a home breathalyzer on hand can offer you peace of mind in ensuring your guests depart from your home in a safe manner.