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  • Frequently asked questions about camping cookware & utensils

    When you go camping, you’re setting up a home away from home. You’ll have your tent for sleeping, a place to relax, and you’ll also need a camping kitchen so you can cook and store food. Within your camping kitchen you’ll want to stock everything you’ll need to prepare food, and that including camping cookware and utensils.

    What is camping cookware made of?

    Camping cookware and utensils are very similar to kitchen cookware in that it can be made from the same type of materials. You’ll find camping cookware & utensils made from stainless steel, cast iron, titanium, and more.

    While camping cookware is similar to the cookware you use at home, it’s a good idea to have a set of cookware for camping. That way you don’t have to pack up your own cookware every time you go camping.

    What is must have camping cookware?

    There are a few pieces of must have camping cookware you’ll want to bring along on your next camping trip. A pot and frying pan will be very useful when boiling or pan frying is required, and you can find kits of camping cookware that include pots, pans, and lids.

    You’ll want to bring along a kettle to boil water for tea and coffee, as well as a coffee percolator so you can have coffee whenever you’d like it. Camping mugs, plates, and bowls are needed to serve food, and camping cutlery including forks, spoons, and knives are needed to eat food as well.

    You’ll need to have camping cookware and utensils like spatulas and serving spoons to make it easier to serve food.

    How to choose camping cookware

    Just like regular cookware for your home, there are different types of camping cookware. If you like to cook with cast iron you’ll want to choose a cast iron pan for camping too. When choosing camping dinnerware, be sure to choose a full set of plate, bowl, and cutlery for each person you’re camping with.

    What is the best camping cookware?

    If you’re looking for camping cookware and utensils, the most popular choice tends to be stainless steel. It’s less expensive than titanium-based camping cookware and it’s very durable. If you camp often and know you’ll be using your camping cookware and utensils often, a titanium or cast-iron set of pots and pans for camping is a smart choice.

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