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Frequently asked questions about car speakers

One of the greatest parts of owning a car is blasting your favourite music while you’re driving around. Whether you’re rushing to work or just out for a night drive, upgrading your car speakers will make every drive a great time.

Why should you update your car speakers?

Your car doesn’t just get you from place to place, it can also serve as a little sanctuary space. Every sanctuary deserves a good speaker system, and your car is no different. The factory speakers equipped in your car rarely do your tunes justice; adding or replacing car speakers will take your music to the next level. Upgraded car speakers will allow you to hear every intentioned sound and rhythm, making you feel engulfed in vibe and getting the most out of your drive.

Which car speakers are best for you?

You can mix and match car speakers to find the perfect combination for your car. With so much variety available on Best Buy, there’s a fit for every car deck. Just ensure you choose the right size and compatibility for your car model, and plan out where you want the speakers placed. There are car speakers made to fit all areas of your car; from the trunk, the backseat, the doors, to the front. You can mix and match brands, or choose from coordinated coaxial or component systems.

What are the differences between component and coaxial speakers?

In addition to component speakers, you can find a range of coaxial speakers. Component speakers are made up of separately mounted parts. The woofer and tweeter and the crossover all sit separately and each do their own part. Coaxial speakers are two or three-way speakers that include a tweeter, woofer, and a crossover in one assembly. They offer a great range of sound and frequency coverage and don’t require an additional crossover.

Can you protect your car speakers?

While some car speakers available come with a manufacturer’s warranty, not all do. You can get an extended Geek Squad warranty and ensure your bases are covered no matter what may come up.