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Computer Headsets for Hands-Free Communication

You’re frantically typing trying to meet a deadline when you receive an important phone call. When you pick up the handset, you’re caught in a balancing act trying to keep the handset steady between your ear and your shoulder as you continue typing away. Doing two things at once when you’ve only got two hands is not an easy feat. But, with a computer headset, things can be so much easier. Check out Best Buy’s selection of Bluetooth headsets, USB headsets, and the best headsets for PC to help improve your day-to-day productivity and keep lines of communication clear.

What’s a Computer Headset and Why Do I Need One?

A computer headset is a unit that kind of looks like a pair of headphones – except that it has a microphone attached to one earpiece. It’s worn over your head and gives you the freedom to talk and listen hands free – whether you’re chatting with a customer while typing or trash talking an enemy while gaming. A computer headset is an especially useful accessory for customer service agents, office workers, gamers, and anyone else who needs to talk hands-free. It can help you stay productive and save you the strain of trying to hold a phone handset without using your hands.

What Types of Headsets for PC Are There?

There are different headsets for PC suitable for different applications. Here are a few types.

Bluetooth Headset

A Bluetooth headset connects wirelessly to a computer, smartphone, or tablet via Bluetooth technology. Usually worn in one ear, Bluetooth headsets are compact and discreet, making them comfortable for all-day wear, even when you’re away from your desk.

Wired USB Headset

A wired USB headset plugs into your computer’s USB port for easy connectivity. Because it connects via USB, it doesn’t require additional drivers for use. Its wired design means you can’t stray far from your computer when wearing the headset.

Wireless USB Headset

A wireless headset doesn’t tether you to a computer. Instead of plugging in directly to a computer, the headset connects wirelessly to a USB base unit that plugs into your computer instead. This gives you the freedom to roam around with the wireless headset on.

What’s the Difference Between a Computer Headset and Headphones?

Computer headsets and headphones both have built-in speakers for listening. However, headphones are primarily designed for listening to music, while computer headsets are designed for telecommunication. Headphones generally have higher-quality speakers for stereo sound playback, while computer headsets ensure clear transmission of spoken communication. In addition, some headsets for PC only have one earpiece, allowing you to keep the other ear open to surrounding noise and conversation.

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