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Curling Wands You Can Make Hair Magic With

Curling irons, also known as wands, are popular hair tools that add variety and glamour to any hairstyle. Like flat irons and blow dryers, curling wands use heat to put a seamless curl or wave into hair easily. Curling irons are designed to wrap hair around continuously, creating sleek waves or ringlets without any dents. They come in an assortment of sizes and designs, and Best Buy has an excellent variety of curling irons available. Find your best curling iron by making all your important hair considerations before choosing.

What does a curling iron do?

Curling wands allow you to style your hair into tight curls, or brushed out loose waves, or even just give a slight wave at the root or bottom of your hair. They give hair volume, assist in creating the perfect up-do, or just be used to create casual loose waves. Having different sized curling wands can be useful in creating different hairstyles, but you can figure out which curling iron fits you best just by considering your hair type.

What’s the best size of curling wand for you?

You can choose the barrel size based on the size and style of curl you want to create. Tighter curls will require a thinner barrel, and looser waves will either require a clipless wand to loosely wrap hair around in small sections or a clipped curling iron that’s 1 ¼ inch or bigger. In addition to the size, the heating settings are an essential consideration. Thicker hair will require higher temperatures, and adversely thin hair will need something more gentle to prevent burning.

What’s the best design of curling iron for you?

The classic curling iron comes with a clip that holds hair into place as heat transfers in, and they are always a safe bet. These hair curlers are called Marcel wands, and are also referred to as curling tongs. The clip often comes heated, creating an even temperature all around. Clipless irons, referred to as self-propelled wands, allow you to wrap your hair around the tool with your hand, and usually come equipped with a heat-protective glove to keep your fingers safe. These wands make it quite easy to create various types of curls or waves; you can either wrap hair tightly or make it very loose.

Self-propel hair wands are functional for most hair types, as they allow you to freely place the hair how you like it and are much easier to use. A Marcel wand, or clipped curling iron, is useful for those with thick or wavy/curly hair, and is the go-to for most professional hairstylists. The clip secures your hair and holds it tightly and evenly spreads heat to both sides giving you more control of creating smooth, flawless curls.