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Turn your set into an audio/visual spectacle with DJ Lights & Effects

Putting on a memorable DJ set is about more than just music. Of course, that’s still the number one priority, and nothing is more important than your art. Nevertheless it’s also key to set the mood and give the audience a sensory experience that can bring their appreciation to brand new heights. Create the perfect environment for a transcendent performance with DJ Lights & Effects.

Different types of DJ Lights & Effects

Concerts and live performances are more than just hearing music—they are sensory experiences, and as with anything else, those experiences are heightened when they stimulate as many senses as possible. That’s why DJ lights, effects, and other DJ equipment are such a vital part of creating an overall memorable and amazing experience. Here are a few of the most popular types of DJ lights and effects out there:

Strobe lights

Strobe lights are probably among the most iconic and recognizable lighting effects and clubs and DJ performances. Also known as “stroboscopic lamps”, these devices produce bright, regular flashes of light, often at a relatively fast rate. The resulting stroboscopic effect gives the effected are an irregular visual stimuli, making movements appear mechanical or staccato-like. Set to high energy dance music, it creates an intriguing sensation to say the least.

Fog machines

Fog machines are another absolute staple of the typical live venue or club scene. These devices emit a dense vapor made to mimic the appearance of heavy fog or smoke. The fog is produced as the machine vaporizes a special fluid (often referred to in slang terms as “fog juice”) which thickens into a denser, visible substance when mixing with the cooler air outside the device. The moody atmosphere generated by the foggy environment once again compliments the overall sensory experience of a musical performance.

Projectors, mirror balls, and blacklights

There are a great deal more options when choosing the best DJ lighting and effects for an ambient environmental effect. A variety of different styles of projectors can create colourful laser party lights and patterns to dazzle the crowd while they dance. Blacklights can feed the room with ultraviolet light that can create and accentuate neon hues and invoke brilliant colour without lightening the overall dark atmosphere. And of course who doesn’t enjoy the classic mirror ball, a holdover from the halcyon days of disco that still delights club-goers and music fans to this day?

How do DJ lights and effects work?

Of course many DJ lights and effects can simply be plugged in and turned on as a part of your DJ lighting setup. However, many devices can also be programmed to work in conjunction with a DJ effects mixer. Using a mixer can allow DJ’s to program custom effects to trigger in time with their set, or even to trigger lighting and effects at will on the spur of the moment at just the right time. The power to control the visual effects that compliment your performance can really give a DJ or performer the edge in reading the room and maximizing on the hype of the crowd.