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Move the Crowd

Whether you’re a music mixologist or professional club DJ, you’ll need the proper DJ gear to mix your own tracks and get the crowd moving. With a CD turntable and DJ mixer, you can transform your favourite tunes into customized music made for dancing.

Spin and Scratch CDs

Bring out your stack of CDs and start spinning your favourite tracks with a CD turntable. Like vinyl turntables, some CD turntables let you manually spin and scratch your tunes, providing an authentic, old-school DJ experience. Others can play music from various sources, including USB devices and SD cards.

Mix Your Own Music

A DJ mixer is a must-have for mixing your own tracks or creating music mash-ups. A basic DJ mixer will have two channels for mixing music from two sources, creating unique sound that you can make your own. Other features found on a DJ mixer include EQ for controlling frequency and tone, gain for controlling channel input level, and faders for fading music in and out.