Double Strollers: Making Room for Two (or Three)

A double stroller is great for travel and getting some fresh air with your kids in tow. It's meant for parents with twins or young children close enough in age, offering a safe place for them to sit while you shop, stroll through the neighborhood, or hang out in the park. They come in a variety of styles similar to single baby strollers, some of which expand into a double by adding a second seat.

Double Stroller Styles

The most popular configurations are side by side and in line, explained in more detail below. However, double strollers are also available in the light, manoeuvrable umbrella style, which sports a light shade on top for sun or rain protection. A heavy duty version, the jogging stroller, is designed to tackle rougher terrain. The sit-and-stand stroller offers flexibility, with either one child standing, or both kids seated and buckled. Learn more about strollers and purchasing tips with our stroller buying guide.

Side-by-Side Double Strollers

They basically look like two strollers placed side by side, offering each child an equal view of the scenery, as well as the freedom to interact, or in some cases, get in each other's space. The configuration makes room for nifty features, such as reclining backs and adjustable seats. Other models can accept an infant car seat, if not two. Ensure the weight on either side is relatively balanced; otherwise, the stroller could veer to one side.

Tandem Double Strollers

The in-line style seats one kid in the front and the other at the back. While this may draw grumbles and various forms of protest from the backseat passenger, some models offer forward- or rear-facing options, or a "staggered" format where one seat is higher than the other. The in-line style is more compact, making it a better fit through doorways and store aisles, or smaller storage spaces.

Stroller Accessories

Even if your stroller doesn't come with all the bells and whistles, you can still customize afterwards. Car seat adapters allow you to attach infant car seats directly to the stroller, great for moving your baby without unbuckling and disturbing their nap. Weather shields and shades come in all shapes and sizes, including universal covers that should work with any stroller. Stroller hooks are handy for holding shopping and tote bags so your hands are free to push the stroller. When you want to pack your stroller for ease of transport, stash it in a sturdy stroller bag. Other accessories include second seats and bassinets, stroller cushions and support, drink holds, and food trays.