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FAQ About Drone Batteries and Chargers

Aerial drones consume a lot of power, so selecting the right secondary drone battery and drone battery charger is essential for prolonged drone patrolling. Choose wisely, and you can turn a half-dozen minutes of high-flyin' fun into an entire afternoon of bird's-eye sightseeing.

Should I upgrade the battery that came with my drone?

Most drones come with mid-range batteries that offer average or sub-par flying time per charge. Upgrading to a battery with higher output will significantly increase that time per charge. Check your drone's maximum mAh (millampere hour) and see if your current battery comes close. If not, you may want to grab a compatible battery that offers as close to that max power output as possible.

Why would I need an extra drone battery and charger?

Having an extra drone battery and charger gives you more flight time. More specifically, double the flight time. Most drone batteries offer about 10-15 minutes of flying time per charge. Having a secondary battery, fully charged and ready to go, instantly doubles your time in the sky. If you also have a fast-charging charger, you can fly with 1 battery while you charge the other, swapping each out as needed, with little downtime in between.

How can I extend the battery life of my drone?

The fastest way to extend the battery life for your drone is to decrease the weight your drone has lug skyward. If you have a camera or GoPro attached to your drone, removing it will dramatically increase the battery life. Adding larger propellers to your drone will also help stretch out the battery life. Each drone has different propeller limitations, however, so be sure to check your model's exact specifications before experimenting.

Which battery charger is right for me?

Some drone brands use proprietary batteries, which require you to use compatible chargers, often made by the same brand. Be aware of this, as using the wrong charger can cause damage to the battery. Many higher-output chargers allow you to charge a battery in half an hour or less, compared to a few hours or more with a standard charger. This is handy when you're using 2 batteries interchangeably in a single flying session. Car chargers are also helpful, especially if you use your drone to capture landscape photography or video, where you're likely far from an electrical outlet.

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