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FAQ About Drone Cases and Backpacks

So you've got yourself a drone. Awesome! Now that you've made the investment, it's time to protect it. While drones are certainly durable, they feature quite a few smaller, more delicate parts that need to be kept safe while on the go. Regular backpacks or camera bags don't offer the kind of protection and organization drone enthusiasts need. When it comes to safeguarding large drone equipment, specially designed drone cases are the way to go. Ask yourself the following questions to find out which one is best for you.

What type of drone do you have?

This is the most important thing to consider, as it's way more convenient and effective to have a case that's specifically designed for your drone. Most cases feature foam inserts that are pre-cut to fit certain brands and models, so check compatibility before making a purchase. Some cases are made to work with multiple models of the same drone so you can upgrade and still use the same case.

What drone accessories do you need to carry?

If all you're looking to bring with you is essentially the drone itself, a basic case will do. But if you have or intend to add items like a repair kit, controllers, spare batteries, monitors, or FPV-related equipment, be sure to choose a drone case that can securely accommodate these accessories.

Where do you take your drone and how do you get there?

If it's just a short walk or drive to where you usually fly your drone, a simple grab-and-go drone bag or case should do the trick. If you have to hike a ways or tackle tough terrain, you'll want a lightweight, compact case. Consider a drone backpack for comfortable carrying. If you'll have to be shipping your drone or are concerned about the risk of impact, get yourself a heavy-duty hard case for added peace of mind.

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