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Load up with an electric cargo bike

Electric cargo bikes are designed to carry not only the rider, but other cargo as well, ideal for deliveries, commuting, and more.

What is an electric cargo bike?

An electric cargo bike is one type of ebike that is designed to accommodate the person riding it as well as additional cargo. This could be groceries, items for delivery, a backpack for work or school, or even, with the right (and safe) additional seat, a child. Naturally, they are larger than standard electric bikes and able to hold more weight.

Popular in countries in Europe, like Denmark, electric cargo bikes are becoming more common in North America. One of the main reasons is that, because you can bring items along for the ride with a cargo bike, they can be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to driving a motor vehicle.

Electric cargo bikes are great for short rides, like a commute to and from work or school, and more stable than other types of ebikes for carrying everything you need.

How is it different from other electric bikes?

As noted, electric cargo bikes can generally carry a heavier load than other electric bike types: sometimes upwards of 400 lbs. That means they also tend to be bigger in size as well as heavier, often with bigger wheels as well that can handle all types of terrain.

They have significant space at the front of or behind the handlebars, or even at the rear, for carrying additional items. This is usually with an optional basket, rack, or seat (if for a child).

It’s worth noting that you’ll need to buy these cargo accessories with an electric cargo bike, like a rack or child seat, which adds to the cost. But since electric cargo bikes are typically used as an alternative to driving a car, they save you money in the long run while also reducing your carbon footprint.

What features should I look for when purchasing an electric cargo bike?

You’ll want to check the payload or maximum carrying capacity of the electric cargo bike to make sure it meets you needs. If you want to go to the grocery store around the corner and grab meats, fruits, vegetables, and pantry items, consider what the maximum weight of your typical load might be along with yourself to ensure it can be supported. If you want to bring your computer, schoolbooks, and/or other heavy gear, you might need one with a higher maximum carry capacity.

While cargo ebikes are bigger, make sure the height and size are still comfortable for you. Especially with shorter or more petite individuals, you don’t want an electric cargo bike that’s overbearingly big, nor one that’s too heavy for you to comfortably use as well as store away in an off season.

Finally, get the necessary accessories you’ll need, like a rack, child seat, or carry basket, based on what you will most often be carrying.