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Get moving with electric transportation

Have some fun outside with electric transportation, including electric bikes, electric scooters, and hoverboards that are easy to learn for any age.

What is electric transportation?

Electric transportation characterizes a category of product that includes standard recreational outdoor transportation with battery power for an extra boost of speed, not to mention fun. Core to the category are electric bikes, electric scooters, and hoverboards, with new products coming soon to fulfill your desire for a new hobby, skill, exercise, and fun, like electric skateboards, electric longboards, and electric unicycles.

While you don't need a license to operate any of these electric transportation devices like you would with a car, you should still practice safety, including wearing a helmet, only riding in designated areas, like on trails, in parks, or in bike lanes, and practicing in a safe space until you get the hang of it.

Anyone can ride electric transportation, with options available for everyone from novices to experts, and kids to adults.

The types of available electric transportation

Electric bikes come in models that mimic standard bikes, from mountain bikes to hybrid commuter bikes and cruiser bikes. Step-through ones are easy to mount and dismount. If you ride far distances, like to the office or school and back, or you want to tackle hilly terrain, an electric bike can give you the extra boost of power you need. With pedal assist, work your legs while using the battery powered motor only when needed, or use it as a regular bike when the battery runs low.

Perfect for recreational use, electric scooters and hoverboards help you get from Point A to Point B faster and are tons of fun to ride. They come in all types of designs and colours. Foldable electric scooters are easy to pack away when you aren't riding, and hoverboards with illuminated wheels make it easy to ride in the dark, plus they add a cool effect.

Electric bikes can go anywhere from 24-97 km/hr. while scooters and hoverboards range from 10-40 km/hr. There are ones for kids to that don't go as fast as well, but are still tons of fun.

Electric transportation is convenient and fun

Not only are modes of electric personal transportation fun, they also provide great exercise. You can leave the car at home and take an electric bike to the store or change your daily walk to a daily scooter ride to the park. Electric transportation like hoverboards help you work on your balance and promote motor skill development and athleticism in kids. Self-balancing technology help kids and adults learn slowly and prevent falls. Many hoverboards and scooters can work on a variety of terrains, from grass to dirt and even gravel.

Etransportation can also be calming and de-stressing, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors, whether it's a ride on a nearby trail or scooting around the neighbourhood with the family.

For added entertainment, some even come with phone holders, built-in Bluetooth speakers, and even phone charging ports so you can keep your mobile device powered up while you go on long rides.

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