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Explore new heights with electric mountain bikes for a variety of terrains.
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Explore the trails with an electric mountain bike

An electric bike helps you go further, faster and with an electric mountain bike, you can explore the trails, scale hills, and more with ease.

What is an electric mountain bike and how is it different?

An electric bike is a bicycle with a motor to help you get further, faster thanks to electric assistance. Pedal assistance boosts the bike's power as you manually pedal, while some electric bikes also include throttle assistance so you can cruise without needing to pedal at all.

An electric mountain bike, also referred to as an urban or off-road e-bike, is designed for riding on trails, but is suitable for all types of settings. They offer great stability and control, helping you tackle trails you might have otherwise found daunting. This includes hilly terrain since you can use the motor to help you power over a steep incline when needed.

By contrast, an electric comfort or cruiser bike is ideal for city dwellers and designed more for casual, recreational riding. A hybrid or commuter bike, meanwhile, offers long range, great for when you ride long distances in the city or elsewhere.

How and where to best enjoy an electric mountain bike

Electric mountain bikes are great for riding in your neighbourhood, checking out the local trails, bike paths, and other tough terrain. You can also take them to the cottage, on camping trips to ride around the campsite, and anywhere around town adventures might take you.

An electric mountain bike offers great power, but you can adjust as needed to still get a good workout and healthy amount of exercise. Progress slowly as you build up endurance, using the motor power less and less, or only when you need that extra push to get you from Point A to Point B.

Because they operate like regular bikes when you don't use the motor or the battery runs out, an electric mountain bike can replace a regular mountain bike, one of the most popular bicycle types, as well.

What to look for in an electric mountain bike

You want an electric mountain bike with a sturdy frame and lightweight design. Look for a good full suspension ebike with fat tires that can tackle all types of terrain. Check the size to make sure the bike is comfortable to sit on and pedal based on your height. If it's for a tween or teen, see how far the seat can adjust to accommodate them as they grow.

Some e-mountain bikes have a step-through frame, which makes it easier to mount and dismount but might not be as sturdy when scaling hills. Others employ the traditional step-over frame design for an overall more balanced ride.

Features like built-in LED bike lights are useful, especially if you plan to ride at night. Rear racks are helpful if you want to carry cargo like a backpack, purse, water bottle, or other essentials you need to bring along for the ride.