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Take control of your goals with a fitness tracker

You want to improve your health, get fit, and achieve your goals; and to get a leg up you need the data and feedback that will help you stay motivated and optimize your routine. Fitness tracking is the perfect way to help you stick to your plan and achieve the health and wellbeing goals you’ve set. Whether you want to improve your race pace, keep tabs on your aerobic recovery, or even just make sure you’re getting enough quality sleep, there’s a wearable device to help you hit those goals. Make it your own with loads of different colours and styles of bands and other fitness tracker accessories.

Fitness Trackers

There’s nothing like data to help you stay motivated to keep pushing through the last set, kilometre, or exercise. By tracking tons of metrics like distance, pace, speed, elevation, heart rate, and time, a fitness tracking watch gives you real-time feedback about your performance and can even show you how to tweak your game so you can take it to the next level. By pairing your tracking device with an app on your smartphone, you can see trends over time, set specific goals, and build training regimens that will help you crush them. It’s like having a personal trainer with you every step of the way.

Meditation, Counting Steps & Calories

A healthy lifestyle starts with healthy routines. Regular meditation can help relieve stress and improve your focus throughout the day. Devices that gently coach you to clear your mind are a simple way to learn how to better relax and reach a meditative state of bliss. Many different fitness trackers will count the steps you take throughout your day and remind you when you’ve been sitting still for extended periods of time. By setting a step goal you can make sure you’re staying active on a regular basis every day, even when you can’t make it to the gym. Combined with tracking the calories you burn, you can rest easy when you want to treat yourself knowing that you’ve been staying active every day. Sleep tracking is another great feature that will help you stay healthy by making sure you’re getting the right amount of rest you need.

GPS Watches

For that extra level of information when you’re running, biking, hiking, skiing, or snowboarding a GPS watch will track your movement from space and can help you find your way if you get off track. Many GPS watches offer a partner app that allows you to build routes and save your favourite maps so you can share them with friends or build your own record of where you’ve explored. Typically more feature rich than more simple fitness trackers, GPS watches often provide colour screens, the ability to store songs so you can leave your phone at home, and topographical maps & compasses so you can navigate with confidence.

Sports Tech and Smart Clothing

One of the hottest trends in sports performance technology is smart clothing and other wearable tech. From workout clothing that tracks your performance while you wear it to gear that sports embedded speakers, there’s something out there for every level of athlete. If you like to hit the links and want to take a few strokes off your game, a golf watch and accompanying tracking accessories can help you dial in your swing and tell you just where to place the ball so your next shot stays high and dry on its way to the green.