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Gaming Chairs

Have your comfort in control

Solid performance starts with a solid base to play from. Comfort, control, and style make gaming chairs the right choice for your command centre.

Maximizing your comfort while you play does more than just feel good. It puts you in the right headspace to bring your A-game. With chairs from companies such as DXRacer and Clutch you’ve got a seat that’s built to allow you to focus on making the play, hitting your racing line, or getting the first blood. They’re also the perfect choice for amping your comfort for office work too, giving you the support you need throughout the day.

Game on

When you’re gaming you can hit it in short sessions or settle in for a whole day of play. With the right chair you’ll be ready for sessions of any length, letting you hit peak performance in every game. Ergonomics and comfort make your experience enjoyable for everything from spreadsheets to shooters.

Everyday is race day

Hug every corner and feel the burn on every straightaway. While some racing gaming chairs can come with pedals and wheels others are compatible with your existing set, giving you the flexibility to customize your racing experience. The real-world race feeling can be yours in your dedicated gaming space. Pick from a wide range of colours and materials, including fabric, vinyl, and steel-frame construction.

Pick the perfect chair

Find your style from dedicated racing chairs, cockpit-style chairs, racing seat office chairs, and more. Measure your space and find a model with the features you’re looking for: stable bases for racing and flying, rotating bases for everyday use.

Extra features can include built-in speakers for an immersive audio experience, height adjustment and tilt for a perfect fit, Bluetooth capabilities to connect your phone or other Bluetooth devices, and steering wheel/pedal/flight yoke support. Vibration motors can help you feel the impact of your game, while cup holders and arm rests can make it more comfortable to play for longer periods of time.

Additional support for your back and neck with lumbar adjustments can yield a more comfortable, ergonomic fit.

Find additional gaming furniture, such as gaming desks and gaming furniture accessories.

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