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Enjoy Security and Peace of Mind with Garage Door Openers

We’ve all been there: left home for the day and got a sinking feeling that we forgot something. Did we close the garage door? A garage door opener allows you to open and close the door using a keychain or car-mounted remote, or even remotely via a mobile device.

Peace-of-mind Security and Safety

A garage door opener provides peace-of-mind that you’ve secured the garage door, keeping the home safe from intruders. Pair one with a security camera security camera to keep a watchful eye on things. Many can send alerts if and when the garage door has been opened or closed, so you can take action if needed. Some add features like illuminating lights.

Simplify Your Life

A keychain or in-car remote, and/or passcode-activated wall console make opening and closing the garage door easy. Your kids don’t have to hurt themselves trying to manually do it, and you can prevent unnecessary strain from having to bend down or reach up – particularly with a high overhead door. Some garage door openers have auto-close timers - if you fall asleep and forget to close it at night, the garage door will automatically close and lock at a specified time.

Get Smart With Remote Control Simplicity for the Garage

With a smart model, close the garage door from anywhere using your smartphone and Wi-Fi. You can also open it to permit access to neighbours who want to borrow some tools, or a delivery person to leave a valuable package. They’re quiet, and safety sensors with beep warnings ensure that the garage door won’t accidentally close when someone – or something – is in the way.

Which Garage Door Opener Is Right for You?

If you have other smart devices in the home, consider a smart garage door opener that can integrate with them through platforms like IFTTT or Apple HomeKit. Set your “home from work” scene to turn on AC, activate living room lights, and open the garage door.

For a convenient open/close solution, a simple keychain and/or in-car remote might suffice; remote access through a smartphone is also a handy feature to consider.

Have kids? Opt for a wall console and passcode so they can gain access once home from school. That way they can open and close it without using a phone.

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