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Your vehicle will have the ultimate navigation system when you customize it with GPS accessories

What kinds of GPS accessories are available?

There are many different GPS systems used in vehicles, and often these are third party systems. Rather than factory-installed navigation, many drivers use their own GPS, including portable units and the ever-popular smartphone. With such a wide variety of equipment in use, a wide selection of GPS accessories is available to support owners.

One of the most popular of these is the GPS mount, which secures the unit and ensures the display can be easily seen. There are various different designs, including windshield-mounted, dash-mounted, and even versions that will slide into a car’s CD player slot. The mount is often secured using a suction cup, but can also use friction-based mounting, adhesive, or a visor clip. There are even handlebar-mount options for motorcycle owners.

Other popular GPS accessories include power cables, chargers, carrying cases, protective cases, sun visors, antenna cables, and screen magnifiers.

There are also accessories available for in-dash systems, including navigation system screen protectors.

Why use GPS accessories?

GPS accessories are a matter of safety and convenience. A portable GPS unit that’s not properly mounted means the driver will be taking their eyes off the road. GPS mounts position the unit so the display is easily viewed for safe operation.

Other accessories improve the experience. For example, a sun shade visor ensures the display is easily seen even in the glare of bright sunlight, a charger kit ensures the unit has operating power (whether connected to a 12V outlet, USB, or even the OBD port), a protective GPS carrying case means you can pop out a portable unit and take it with you when the drive is over, while an antenna cable can help your GPS unit get better reception.

The best accessories for your GPS

The best accessories for your GPS are the ones that will improve your experience while driving. For example, if your dashboard is curved and not suited for dash-mounting a GPS, then look for a windshield suction mount instead. If different drivers use the vehicle, you might want to consider a GPS mount with a flexible arm, so it can be easily re-positioned for each driver. If the GPS display is washed out by the sun during the day, a sunshade visor can dramatically improve visibility.

There are always top names in GPS accessories available and on sale

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