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Position your GPS for optimal viewing

What is a GPS mount?

A GPS mount is a specialized accessory for your vehicle and it has a very important purpose: to hold your GPS in a way that ensures you can see the display without having to look away from the road. It also keeps the device securely in place, so it’s not bouncing around.

Distracted driving laws throughout Canada have been passed to ensure drivers aren’t looking down at electronic devices in their hand or on a seat. A GPS system is considered a must-have by most drivers these days, and while some vehicles come with factory installed GPS navigation built into their infotainment system, many drivers still use their own GPS unit. That means a holder for GPS is needed for safe operation while driving.

Why do I need a car GPS holder (or two)?

If you use a GPS in your car, you need a GPS car mount. Having one satisfies legal requirements and lets you use it safely for navigation while driving. It’s also a lot more convenient to use a GPS holder as it lets you position the device for a perfect view of the screen.

Why would you want two dash mounts for GPS? Besides the fact that it’s always handy to have a spare, having two lets you easily move your GPS between vehicles. You can leave a mount installed in each, so moving from car to car requires nothing more than popping out the GPS unit itself.

Where should I mount my GPS navigation device?

The goals of a GPS mount are to keep the unit secure and most importantly, to position it so you can see the screen without having to look away from the road. There are a variety of solutions available and choosing the right one depends largely on your vehicle and driving position. Car dash mounts are popular. They act like a GPS stand that attaches to the top of the dashboard, usually using suction or removable adhesive. A windshield dash mount attaches to the inside of the windshield (similar to your rear-view mirror).

Some vehicles have limited flat surfaces on their dashboard, and windshield mounting may not be an option. For these situations, manufacturers have come up with clever solutions that make use of vertical openings in the dashboard. For example, you can get a GPS mount that clips into an air vent, or even a CD slot mount GPS holder.