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Create Glossy, Full Hair with Hair and Scalp Treatments

If you're on the search for a luscious head of hair, you need to start at the root of the issue. A healthy scalp grows healthy hair, and the healthier your hair's roots are, the healthier each strand of hair will be.

Scalp and hair treatments can help give you fuller, longer, and glossier hair. Who wouldn't want that?

When should you use a hair and scalp treatment?

Hair treatments and scalp treatments are a little different. Where hair treatments mostly refer to products that work on or help the hair strand, scalp treatments are specifically applied At the root, on the scalp. Both are great product categories to add into your haircare regimen if there's a concern that you'd like to address.

Scalp treatments tend to be better suited for conditions that affect the scalp, but they can have great results for your hair, too. They include products such as dry scalp treatments, hair loss treatments, and dandruff treatments. However, because healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp, treating a scalp condition can result in thicker, fuller hair after a few months of continuous use.

Hair treatments typically work on the hair strand, which makes them great for dry and damaged hair. If your hair has a lot of breakage, split ends, or heat damage, then a hair treatment that's applied to the ends of the hair will be a great option for you.

Is a hair treatment the same as a conditioner?

Hair treatments are not the same as conditioners or shampoos. Treatments tend to be more intensive, and deliver results that last for multiple washes. They often need to be left on the hair for a certain amount of time, and products like hair treatment oils may require heat to deliver the best results. Hair conditioners, on the other hand, are meant to be used and rinsed out of your hair after every wash. Their main purpose is to rebalance your hair shaft after it's been shampooed.

What hair treatment is best for dry hair?

Hair glosses, keratin hair treatments, and hair oils are all great for dry or damaged hair. You can never truly heal damaged hair, but you can help reduce the signs of dryness and prevent further damage.

Can scalp treatments reverse hair loss?

There are many different hair treatments for thinning hair. While there's no over-the-counter way to reverse hair loss once a hair follicle has died, there are treatments that work to maintain your current hair density and make each strand thicker.

When it comes to hair loss, the best approach is to start early with a product for thinning hair. Look for treatments that encourage hair growth and improve circulation so your hair can grow out as long and thick as possible.

There are a wide variety of hair and scalp treatments available, and both men and women can enjoy their results on many different types and lengths of hair.