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How to choose a high-quality handbag at Best Buy

With hundreds of different styles, colours, and materials available, Best Buy carries handbags for all kinds of needs. From playful fanny packs to office-appropriate laptop bags, there's something for everyone.

Spacious handbag styles for a day out

Large, spacious handbags are great for the individual on the go. Many designs hold everything you need from lip balm to a laptop, and they do it all while helping you express your personal style.

Look to shoulder bags and crossbody bags for designs with more structure and a longer strap. These designs thrive in the office and in the daytime. For more slouch, search for a relaxed hobo bag, and for more space, search for a roomy satchel bag or oversized tote bag.

Smaller handbags at Best Buy

Smaller bags and handbags are a great option for a sleeker silhouette or a lighter feeling overall. Clutch wallets and purses tend to be slim and slightly fancier than other handbag designs, making them perfect for date nights or evening events. They're the bag of choice for occasions like weddings or concerts.

A slightly dressed-down version of the clutch is the wristlet. These handbags are similarly sized, but come with a wrist loop to help the wearer keep track of them throughout the day. Wristlets are a great option for daytime events like the farmer's market or a neighbourhood barbecue, because they hold all of your small essentials in a stylish pouch and can be alternately worn on your wrist, held in your hand, or tossed into a larger bag for convenience.

A small bag style that's been re-popularized recently is the fanny pack. This vintage style has had a huge resurgence in recent years, and this time, it's no longer stuck in the confines of music festivals and day trips. The modern fanny pack is chunky and eye-catching, but with a trendy twist in materials like vinyl and leather.

What should you look for in a high-quality handbag?

When shopping for a purse that will last for years to come, make sure to consider materials and closures. Eye-catching pieces made from materials like pleather and vinyl are cute ways to surf the trends with, but high-quality leather, water-resistant nylon, and other durable materials will last for longer in harsh Canadian weather.

Zippered and fold-over closures help keep your belongings in their place even in transport, and carrying a classic design for multiple seasons is a great way to help cut down on waste.

What top handbag brands does Best Buy carry?

Explore Best Buy's wide selection of handbags and purses from top brands like Fossil, Tumi, and Roots to find a great new handbag for yourself or someone you love.