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  • Frequently asked questions about shoulder bags

    Shoulder bags are a comfortable, stylish accessory for men and women who have more than a handful of items to carry.

    What are shoulder bags?

    Shoulder bags are a style of single-strap bag worn on the shoulder, but not across the body. They may or may not also have a top handle. Smaller than a tote bag but larger than a clutch, shoulder bags offer a stylish, hands-free way to accessorize your outfit.

    How do you style a shoulder bag?

    Shoulder bags are a great choice to wear with both casual and business casual daytime outfits. Those designed with a slouchy silhouette are perfect for easygoing afternoons with friends, while those designed more like a briefcase are an attractive handbag to carry during the workday or to after-hours drinks.

    When carrying a shoulder bag in a professional setting, make sure to style it with jackets and tops that are unlikely to wrinkle, as the weight of a shoulder bag can press creases into your clothing.

    What are the benefits of shoulder bags?

    One of the benefits of shoulder bags is their large size. This type of bag is great for working parents and busy students, because they hold more than just a card holder and a tube of lip balm. You can easily fit a wallet, keys, smartphone, and a snack in most shoulder bags, and still have space for hand sanitizer and a bottle of water.

    Less formal than a dressy clutch but sleeker than a tote bag, shoulder bags are a great option for both women and men to carry in the city.

    What is the difference between a shoulder bag and a cross body bag?

    A shoulder bag is meant to be worn on one side of the body. A cross body bag, on the other hand, is worn on one shoulder with a strap that falls diagonally across the wearer's chest. When wearing a shoulder bag, the bag itself sits below the strap at about waist level; when wearing a cross body bag, the bag sits on the opposite hip of the shoulder it is worn on.

    What can I use a shoulder bag for?

    Shoulder bags for men and women tend to be a larger style of handbag. They're great for carrying a medium amount of items primarily in an urban setting, such as while you run errands, shop, or go out for a meal. Look for structured silhouettes for settings like lunch dates and business meetings, or opt for light, packable shoulder bags to still look your best on days out with the kids.