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Screen Protectors to Keep Your iPhone Brand New

Your iPhone screen is the most vulnerable part of your phone. From being touched and tapped all day to moving around in your pocket or bag, it’s always at risk of getting scratched. iPhone screen protectors are essential if you want to keep your smartphone in it’s best condition. Best Buy has a number of different types of iPhone screen protectors available to keep your screen safe and sound.

Why Screen Protectors are Important

Screen protectors can serve different functions. There is a wide variety of available iPhone screen protectors, and some can do much more than just resist scratches. Depending on it’s design, some protectors can enhance privacy or serve as a mirror when the phone’s screen is turned off. They also repel dirt and grime from getting into creases, and if you get a thicker screen protector, it can prevent your phone from shattering if dropped.

Different Types of iPhone Protectors

The most common type of screen protectors are made from tempered glass or hardened plastic glass. iPhone screen protectors are multi-layered; the bottom layer is made from silicon and has a clear adhesive that allows it to stick to your phone without any budging. The top layer can either look just like glass to the touch and the eye, or have a matte or mirrored finish. Screen protectors can be flexible or hardened materials that don’t fold or bend.

Installation Considerations

Installing your iPhone screen protector can be done on your own, but it’s always recommended that you get it done at a Best Buy location, where the Geek Squad can ensure it’s placed on securely, correctly laid down, and without any debris or bubbles.