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Screen Protectors to Keep your Phone Safe

If you go everywhere with your smartphone, you’ll know how easy it is to break it. Whether you’re always a little worried about your smartphone (but have never cracked a screen) or you chronically shatter and replace your screens, damage isn’t something that you should have to constantly think about.

A great screen protector keeps your device safe for a fraction of the price of a new screen—and, in instances where they can’t prevent damage entirely, they’re great at minimizing it even if you have a cell phone cover. Screen protectors are popular smartphone accessory, but are also great investment to make for tablets and other accessories as well.

What is a Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

Tempered glass screen protectors are often considered to be the best screen protectors available. High-quality glass screen protectors are comprised of more than just glass: they’ll typically contain an ultra-thin combination of silicone (for shock adsorption), PET film, and tempered glass. The silicone layer acts as a shock absorber, while the PET film holds the screen together even in the case of a break. Finally, tempered glass is used both for its strength (it’s far more durable than regular glass), and for the way that it safely shatters.

Glass screen protectors are stronger than plastic ones, and feel more luxurious—like your built-in phone screen. They’re also clearer and stronger than plastic screen protectors, so your phone will look brighter and stay scratch-free for longer. For users with already cracked phone screens, glass screen protectors are a popular choice to regain the feel of a new phone without the cost of a replacement.

Screen Protectors that Go the Extra Mile

Glass, PET, and TPU screen protectors all serve the same purpose, but some models come with additional features. Glass screen protectors designed with an oleophobic coating, for instance, will help repel oils, reducing the amount of fingerprints that you’ll see on your screen. Privacy screen protectors, anti-glare screen protectors, and matte screen protectors are other niche categories that are also available at Best Buy.

TPU screen protectors sit, in terms of functionality, between glass and PET screen protectors. While tempered glass is hardened and PET is thin and brittle, TPU screen protectors have an almost gel-like texture. They’re elastic with minimal self-healing abilities, absorbing impact and light scratches.

Dry vs Wet Mount Screen Protector Application

When selecting a cell phone screen protector to purchase, make sure to check if the application is dry or wet. Dry mount screen protectors (often PET) adhere to the glass of your phone screen using static electricity, and can be re-mounted many times. Wet mount screen protectors often use an adhesive spray, and can only be mounted once.