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Get the most out of your piano or keyboard with a broad selection Keyboard Accessories

Musical talent requires a lot of practice and preparation, but it also relies on having the proper amenities to aid players on their musical journey. When it comes to the piano or keyboard this can include everything from a proper seat to covers and carrying cases designed to carefully store and care for your instrument—not to mention additional accessories such as effect pedals, tuners, metronomes, and so forth. Play your best while expressing your own unique style with a wide range of Keyboard Accessories

Always start with a good piano or keyboard bench

As with any activity that involves an extended period of sitting, good posture is key if you wish to avoid issues with pain and discomfort. Dedicated students or professionals who play regularly will naturally be inclined to spend those countless hours in comfort, and avoid inevitable back pain or other health complications from poor posture! A proper seat will not only make all the difference between worrying about your performance as opposed to worrying about a backache, but can ultimately contribute to greater musical achievement overall.

Piano and keyboard benches come in a variety of styles of keyboard benches that appeal to your own unique style and comfort needs. Padded benches in materials such as vinyl or leather can be aesthetically pleasing while also adding comfort over long sessions, and premium models may incorporate stylish wood finishes. Four-legged benches grant stability and durability—but are also the least portable, while benches featuring cross-legged supports can fold up for easy storage and portability.

Protecting your keyboard or piano

Musical instruments can be a significant financial investment, especially with larger musical instruments like pianos or keyboards. You’ll want to ensure that yours is well cared for and protected from accidental mishaps or unnecessary wear over time.

Typically most large pianos sit in a fixed location, and aren’t intended to be moved very far on a regular basis. That said, it’s still important to keep them safe and properly stored when not in use. A simple piano or keyboard cover can protect your instrument from accidental spills or damage from its surrounding environment, and also help to keep it from accumulating unwanted dust or debris.

For musicians who travel regularly, a storage case or gig bag is an indispensable tool in protecting a portable keyboard. Not only will they make the heavy instrument easier to carry, but they can also protect from all the hazards and pitfalls of transporting an expensive instrument around between various locations.

A solid keyboard stand is also a must-have keyboard accessory for any musician. A stand will ensure the weight of your instrument is properly supported, allowing you the freedom from worrying about a dangerous and potentially costly spill mid-performance. Many stands are also adjustable, granting the performer the ability to set the keyboard at just the right height.

Other keyboard accessories

While the pedals of an upright or grand piano are typically a fixed part of the instrument, pedals for electronic keyboards are more often a separate accessory that can be upgraded or replaced as necessary. Higher-end pedals may also offer more precision in registering the amount of pressure placed on a pedal and manipulating the degree of the desired effect accordingly, in comparison to more economical pedals.

Other must-have keyboard accessories may include amenities such as a metronome for keeping time, replacement or backup AC power adapters, or a keyboard amplifier to better project sound in larger venues. You may even find the perfect gift for the musician in your life with novelty items such as socks, scarves, or neckties that feature familiar keyboard-inspired patterns.