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What You Need to Know About Keyboard Stands

Got a keyboard or digital piano? You’ll need a keyboard stand to go with it. A keyboard stand keeps your ivories at a comfortable height for playing – whether you’re practicing at home or jamming at a gig. Read on to find out more about the types of keyboard stands and what you should consider when buying one.

Types of Keyboard Stands

Keyboard stands aren’t created equal. Here are popular types of keyboard stands and their benefits.

X-Style Keyboard Stand

The X-style keyboard stand is a popular option among keyboardists. Like its name implies, this type of keyboard stand is shaped like an X and is adjustable to fit your keyboard. However, adjusting the height of the keyboard stand affects the width of the stand and vice versa. The X-style’s simple design makes this type of keyboard stand portable. For heavier keyboards, look for a double X-style keyboard that can hold more weight.

Z-Style Keyboard Stand

The Z-style keyboard stand features a modern, sturdy design that’s also adjustable. Unlike the X-style keyboard stand, the Z-style keyboard stand can be adjusted for height without compromising its width. However, Z-style keyboard stands are less portable because they don’t usually fold up easily.

Table-Style Keyboard Stand

The table-style keyboard stand is like a 4-legged table for your keyboard. It’s adjustable in height without affecting its width. Some table-style keyboard stands have legs that fold flat, making them a good choice for concerts and gigs.

2-Tier Keyboard Stand

For a 2-keyboard setup, a double keyboard stand is a must. It has 2 tiers that allow you to set up 2 keyboards or a keyboard and a MIDI controller.

3-Tier Keyboard Stand

If you often jam with more than 2 keyboards, then consider a 3-tier keyboard stand. It’ll give you the flexibility of playing with 1, 2, or 3 keyboards.

What to Consider When Choosing a Keyboard Stand

When choosing a keyboard stand, here are some things to think about.


A portable keyboard stand is a must if you often take your keyboard on the road. Whether you’re a keyboardist in a band or a solo artist who plays in clubs, you’ll need a keyboard stand that you can easily fold down and pack away. If you won’t be using your keyboard outside your home, then portability might not be important.


When playing the keyboard, it’s important to keep it at a comfortable height – whether you’re standing or sitting. Some keyboard stands aren’t adjustable in height. Designed at a standard height, these keyboard stands are best for at-home use with a piano bench. Other keyboard stands are adjustable in height, ideal if you’ll be using the keyboard while standing and sitting.