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FAQ About Kid's Nightstands

Aside from a lot of scattered toys on the floor, the layout of your child's bedroom isn't much different from your own. There are the essentials like a bed and a dresser; maybe even a desk depending on your kid's age. But an often overlooked and useful addition to the kid's bedroom furniture ensemble is the nightstand. This bedside companion piece provides a place for kids to keep their favourite toys (while getting them off the floor), gadgets, a water glass, tissues, or a lamp for night-time reading adventures. Let's answer some common questions about nightstands for toddlers and see which is right for you.

What nightstand height is best for my kid's bed?

As a general rule, nightstands should be close to level with the height of the bed. Measure the dimensions of your child's bed and try to get a nightstand that's within 6 inches of the bed's height. This should make it more accessible for your child to reach over and use the stand. Also consider getting a nightstand that's slightly higher than the bed in order to elevate a light source and make night time reading comfortable on the eyes.

What are my storage options for kid's nightstands?

While a kid's nightstand provides a flat surface for placing a lamp or bedside items, it also serves as a convenient storage space for all those toys and books that tend to live on the floor and make a mess. Most kid's nightstands usually come with at least one drawer for stashing things like dolls, video games, books, and maybe even a tablet if your kid is really lucky. An open-faced shelving storage under the drawer can also be a great throw-in place for oversized items like soccer balls, larger kid's books, figurines, and more.

How do I choose a style for my kid's bedroom furniture?

Ideally you're going to want a nightstand that matches your child's bed in terms of colour. Children's furniture tends to be brighter in colour, setting a more upbeat mood in the room. A nice mahogany or dark wood can also lend a warm vibe to the room. Another tip for finding the right kid's nightstand is investigating if the bed belongs to a particular collection, and then seeing if the manufacturer makes a nightstand from the same collection.

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