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FAQ About Camera Lens Filters

Whether you're a novice or professional photographer, you can snap the rich, vivid photos you've been dreaming of with the help of lens filters. These essential accessories manipulate and absorb light in different ways to enhance your images. If you're curious about the different kinds of lens filters, then check out these answers to some commonly asked questions.

What are camera lens filters?

Camera lens filters are easily attached to the front of your camera lens and offer a unique visual effect that can take your photography to the next level. In addition to protecting your lens, these filters are commonly used for a variety of purposes, such as blocking out the haze caused by UV lighting, reducing reflection on non-metallic surfaces like water and glass, and bringing high contrast and rich saturation to images.

What kind of lens filter is right for me?

When deciding on the right lens filter for you, take into account the desired effect that you're looking for. If you want to eliminate that annoying haze caused by ultraviolet light, then a UV lens filter is for you. If you're looking to reduce the glare of the sun on water or glass and bring rich contrast and deep clarity to your photos, a polarizer lens filter will help you with this. Neutral density filters reduce light passing through the lens, thus lessening exposure and sharpening your shot to create vivid detail in your images. Some optical effects filters can insert effects that are out of this world. A star filter, for example, creates points of light streaking out from a central light source to emulate a shining star.

What should I look out for when buying a lens filter?

When you're ready to make a selection, the first thing you should check is the diameter of your lens. The size of your lens can be found on your lens cap, so make sure you're buying a filter that is compatible in size, whether it's 55mm, 67mm, or another size. The other thing to consider is where the majority of your photography happens - indoors or outdoors. Polarizer filters and ND filters can block much of the light entering your lens, making them more suited to brighter conditions such as shooting outdoors on a sunny day.


Want more info on lens filters? Check out this resource: