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  • Experience Enchantment with Magic The Gathering

    Feeling the Magic for over a quarter century

    Since its original release in 1993, Magic The Gathering has been the go-to collectible card game for fantasy and role-playing enthusiasts everywhere. With spells, magical artifacts, and mythical creatures populating its vast universe, Magic, as it is sometimes called, offers over 10,000 (and counting) unique cards and provides strategic fun for more than 20 million wizards world wide.

    Some cards, like the powerful Black Lotus, are not only rare and powerful, but also command big bucks on the open collectibles market. At last report, this card could be had for around a quarter of a million dollars. Thankfully, most Magic cards are well within the reach of the average card collecting wizard, allowing players to collect their favourite cards, build custom decks, and take on other planeswalkers by casting spells and unleashing their most powerful creatures (like the legendary Big Furry Monster, with its score of 99 in both power and toughness) to defeat all opponents and enemies.

    Though deeply complex and constantly evolving (new cards and expansion sets are released regularly), Magic offers a variety of play patterns with something for virtually everyone. For instance, in one scenario, each player begins with a set number of life points (usually 20) and is defeated if and when an opponent successfully drains him or her of all their points by strategically playing the most powerful cards against them. Of course, there is more than one path to victory for the most capable wizards among us, making Magic a game where having the best strategy often, but not always, wins out.

    Multiple play patterns: constructed vs. limited vs. free form play

    The two primary play patterns for Magic The Gathering are called constructed and limited, with each having its own unique features and benefits. In limited play, players must build their deck of 40 or more cards randomly and spontaneously from those available at the time and in accordance with a specific set of rules. In constructed format, players create their own custom deck using the cards they themselves own (typically at least 60 cards go into a constructed deck, though rules do exist pertaining to how decks may be constructed). Finally, players are free to create their own play formats as well, using whatever criteria they see fit to incorporate. This freedom gives Magic unlimited play possibilities and provides players with the option of playing within specific rule sets or exercising their freedom and creativity to constantly invent and reinvent their own unique Magic universe.

    Gathering the Magic

    As an infinitely collectible card game, Magic The Gathering allows enthusiasts to collect, gather, and build their own collections and decks that will change and grow over time. Much like a real wizard might constantly learn new spells and acquire ever more powerful magic, Magic players can constantly enhance their powers by collecting (or trading for) the best and most powerful cards they can find.

    Magic The Gathering starter decks and sets are available to those in search of the most powerful mythic rare cards, which take the place of standard rare cards in approximately one in eight packs, making these cards difficult, but not impossible, to find. Getting a specific mythic rare card, however, is much more challenging. Of course, this challenge makes Magic as much fun to collect as it is to play. A great social game as well (playable both in person and online), Magic The Gathering provides serious fun for players ages 13 and up with a love of epic adventure.