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  • Shipping supplies make it easy to ship everything

    While a lot of what we send and receive happens online, you’ll find that a regular work week will always require a trip or two to the post office or having a courier stop by to pick up a package. That’s why, especially if you’re working in a home office or you ship packages regularly, you need a full stock of shipping supplies.

    Stock up on these shipping supplies

    You can stay organized and ready to ship anything when you stock up on a few must-have shipping supplies.


    Envelopes don’t just hold paper letters. They are the best way to mail cheques, send contract copies, or mail small, thin packages. Mailing envelopes can be paper or padded with bubble wrap to protect their contents.

    Labels and stickers

    Mailing labels and shipping labels are easy to write by hand if you’re only shipping one thing, but what if you’re shipping in bulk or you are shipping to the same person or location on a regular basis? Having a good supply of labels on hand will help you when you need to send a package, and you can easily keep track of your customer, clients, or family addresses in easy to use label software.

    Stickers are also a must-have, and are a great way to add a touch of personalization to your shipping boxes and envelopes. You can print off your logo on stickers and place or use stickers to customize your own products.

    Shipping supplies

    You can find shipping supplies and mailing supplies like bubble wrap, packing tape, stretch film, and more. They make it easy to pack up breakable or fragile items, and when your box is packed correctly you know it will arrive safely.

    Always have the right shipping supplies on hand

    There are a lot of advantages to having a good stock of shipping supplies, mailing tubes, and envelopes on hand. If you sell a product and you get a last-minute order, all you have to do is pack up a box and your item is ready to send. Envelopes are always good to have around in case you need to mail off a cheque or you want to provide someone with a copy of a document. Mailing tubes, bubble wrap, and boxes will be a lifesaver when you want to send photos or items you want to protect during the shipping process.

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