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Microscope slides offer you a view into a microscopic world

Whether you’re interested in seeing liquids, insects, plant matter, or another type of minuscule matter, microscope glass slides or prepared microscope slides give you a window into a world not visible to the naked eye.

What is a microscope slide?

A microscope slide is a thin, flat piece of glass. These slides are only 1 mm thick, and they are designed to hold tiny objects under a microscope so you can view them at different levels of magnification. To insert a microscope slide you’ll need to cover it with a thinner, smaller piece of glass called a cover slip. A cover slip is placed over a microscope slide to hold it in place on the microscope.

What are microscope slides made of?

Most microscope slides are made from optical quality glass like borosilicate glass. You may also find microscope slides made from soda lime glass or specialty plastics.

Types of microscope slides

If you’re searching for microscope slides for kids or you’re interested in science yourself, you can find a few different types of microscope slides.

Wet mount slides

Wet mount slides, also known as concave slides, have one or two indentations on the slide. That indentation is designed to hold liquid matter in one spot on your microscope slide, and you use a glass cover slip to hold it in place.

Dry mount slides

Dry mount microscope slides are simple, flat slides that can hold dry matter. If you were viewing pollen or spores you would use a dry mount slide. The glass cover is placed over the matter before you view it. Both wet mount and dry mount slides are considered temporary slides in that you can clean them and use them again.

Prepared microscope slides

Prepared microscope slides are slides that have been mounted by a professional in the field. These slides often contain microbes, plants, liquids, or other organisms, and they are an easy way for anyone who is interested to view unique organic matter.

What is the difference between a temporary microscope slide and a permanent microscope slide?

A prepared microscope slide is a permanent slide. Because it has been prepared by a professional and sealed, you will not be able to open it up and re-use the slide. With a wet mount or dry mount slide you can clean your slide and re-use it as needed.

What are the benefits of prepared microscope slides?

A prepared microscope slide gives you a window into a world you might never see otherwise. You’ll get to view a wide variety of organisms you might not be able to find and put on a slide yourself. Because a professional will spend hours mounting the prepared microscope slide perfectly, you are able to quickly and easily view a wide variety of different slides.

Microscope slides are great learning tools for children or anyone interested in science. You can find a wide variety of microscope slides and prepared microscope slides on Best Buy.