Good things come in small fridges.

Keep food and beverages fresh and close by with a great selection of mini fridges.
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Keep Drinks and Snacks Frosty with a Mini Fridge!

Bar fridges are the perfect way to get extra storage space for food and drinks while only taking up a small amount of space. Their compact size makes them extremely portable, so you can easily move it wherever the party is. These small fridges also make virtually no noise, which is why they’re ideal for dorm rooms and bedrooms. Best Buy carries a huge selection of bar fridges from great brands such as GE, Haier, Sunbeam, Danby, and MyFine.

Size and Space

Even though all mini fridges come in a small size, you still have a ton of options for exactly how small you want to go. There are fridges that fit on your countertop and can only hold a few canned drinks and fridges that take up a corner and hold an ample amount of food and beverages. Whether you keep it in your dorm, bedroom, living room or game room, a bar fridge is a great addition to your home.

Bring the Party to You

The great thing about a mini fridges is that you can plug them in virtually anywhere. Move it from room to room depending on where you’re entertaining guests. You can even use it outside for those hot days when cold drinks and a pool party are a must. Some fridges are also small enough to use in RVs and take with you on a road trip.

Extra Storage

While mini fridges are usually used to keep beverages cool, they’re also useful for keeping extra food that won’t fit in your refrigerator. These appliances usually stay frost-free so you can store your food at the ideal temperature and never have to worry about defrosting it later.

Benefits of having a beer fridge

If you’ve ever spent time moving your groceries around the fridge in your kitchen so you can create more room, you know how invaluable a few extra cubic meters of space can be. When you add a mini fridge or a mini fridge with freezer to your home, you can permanently free up space in your kitchen fridge for cans of beer, soda, or wine.

Bringing home, a beer fridge means you have a small fridge that has a dedicated purpose of storing your canned or bottled drinks. A small fridge is usually around 30 inches high or smaller, so it’s an easy appliance to add to your deck, rec room, basement, or garage. Because you’re adding cold storage to a spot you wouldn’t normally have a fridge, you can also save yourself from having to run to another room or head inside for drinks or snacks.

Do you need a mini fridge with freezer?

A mini fridge with freezer is a common choice for dorm rooms, but it’s also a great option for a rec room or patio. The freezer is usually located within the fridge and is a few inches high, making it the perfect place to store snacks like ice cream bars, popsicles, frozen dinners, or if you’d like to have a tray of ice always available.

How to choose a mini fridge

There are quite a few different types of mini refrigerator. To narrow down your mini fridge options, take a look at how many cubic feet you’d like your small fridge to have. The average size of the interior of a mini fridge is approximately 3 to 4.5 cubic feet, but you can find smaller types that are 2 cubic feet. Depending on the size you choose, the interior space will give you enough room for several bottles of wine or several dozen cans of beer or soda.

If door placement is important to you, you can choose a mini fridge with an adjustable door hinge so you can move the door to the left or right side of the fridge. Many small fridges have glass shelves that are adjustable so you can move them around when you need to store taller items. Some types of beer fridge have door bins so you can hold a 2-litre bottle of soda or a few bottles of wine in a compartment on the door.

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