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FAQ About Mini Micro Hi-fi Systems

Most audio electronic stores will features a dedicated room filled with speakers, receivers, and stereo accessories all designed to wow your ears. This is great for audiophiles, but most people don't have that kind of space to dedicate to a stereo. That's where mini hi-fi systems come in handy because you're getting upper echelon sound, without taking up much real estate in your home. Let's answer some common question about these compact stereo systems.

What's a mini stereo system?

Mini stereo systems, also known as shelf systems or micro hi-fi systems, are compact all-in-one music solutions that take up a small footprint in your home. They offer premium sound, but without the towering speakers or cabinet-filling components that are required with most home theatre setups. Mini stereos are usually composed of three units: a receiver and two shelf speakers.

Why should you consider a mini stereo system?

Mini stereos are a perfect option for those who love high-quality sound, but are living in a more compact environment. If you have a condo, or even a dorm room or office, these systems can be placed on a shelf or added to your TV stand. This is also great for those who lack the technical expertise of configuring a complex home theatre system. Mini micro hi-fis are designed for all-in-one use, which means they are super-easy to set up. They're also usually more affordable than conventional stereo setups.

What features to look for in a compact stereo system?

First, consider the way you listen to music and let that guide your purchase of a mini micro stereo. If you have an extensive collection of MP3s or listen to your music exclusively through streaming sites, make sure the receiver has Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity to your sound source. If you've got CDs, it's important to know these systems don't usually contain CD players, so you'll need to plug in an external player. Also consider whether you want to hook up the stereo to your TV for better optical sound. If so, you'll need a mini micro hi-fi that provides digital optical inputs.